About me

Photo by Silvia Dell'Elce
Gabriele Profita

I started working with photography about 16 years ago with my completely manual film camera, a Minolta SRT-101. I still use it sometimes but I mainly switched to digital in 2008. Now I use digital 35mm and medium format film (Canon 5D mark II and Mamiya RB67 Pro SD).
Coming from the world of “real” photography I have quite a good knowledge of how photographs should look like and the rules they should respect (and sometimes break!).
I have been taking pictures and helping other photographers for commission in different fields: portraits, hotel photography, museums and arts, weddings, sports, kids.
While for my own sake I love capturing the moment, I don’t have a favourite field, I think a good photographer should be good at every kind of picture, not just one field.
I consider post production useful within its limits, so I try to do 99% of my work on camera
and limit the post production to very light corrections and only when really needed.


photography my way