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Click to enlargeHi,
my name is Gabriele Profita, I'm 36 and live in Rome,Italy.
This site is intended to make others know and share my interests
in astronomy, graphic, photography, diving, opensource and much more.

Actually I study Sciences and Technologies of Communication at the
University "La Sapienza" of Rome. I'm an astroamateur from more than 5 years,
usually I observe with my 8" Meade SC LX200 telescope, or with my Minolta Classic 7x50
binoculars; I enjoy really much visual observation, and so from time to time I estimate
some variable star for the AAVSO (American Association of Variable Star Observers).
I'm member of GAR, GIGA, UAI and

I also enjoy a lot working with my PC with GNU/Linux Slackware and
all the GNU related software, building websites and working with graphic
with The Gimp, Inkscape, Vim, Photoshop & Dreamweaver.

I like also very much taking pictures with my good old Minolta SR-T101 a SLR
35mm completely manual camera, I bought it used, it has more than 30 years,
but it's perfect, and works without batteries, so it's perfectly suitable for long time exposures.

I'm an SSI Advanced Open Water Diver, would like to become a SCUBA instructor
and also to attend to a freediving course
I like to learn foreign languages, so I'm studying by myself spanish and japanese,
the former one seems to be quite easy, can't say the same thing for japanese,
even tough is quite interesting.

My most recent interest is in parkour, if you want to know what
parkour is you can visit , or simply look for parkour on Google.
There are also some parkour pictures in this site, follow this link to see some of them.

Call me!

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